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Next Browser

ScreenShot of Next Browser by SimzzDev **Updated to v1.3; see changelog below** [Trial version not limited!!] Are you sick of the default Internet Explorer on Windows Phone? You can still use the great IE9 core with HTML5, but with a different experience for you. It's fast and takes advantage of the great Metro looks of Windows Phone. It supports live tiles that deep link to specific tabs. Even on the main tile, you can see what you were last browsing. The only difference between the full and trial versions is a little advertisement at the top. Changelog: v1.3 •Tap-and-hold menu for links •Improved tab menu •Improved history interface •New "Quick Bar" menu •Bug Fix: advertisement blocked page content (trial version) •Some small UI tweaks •A lot of other small things Email mailto:dev...
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ProXimity Talk Trial 1.22

ScreenShot of ProXimity Talk Trial 1.22 by INSADCO GmbH ProXimity Talk automatically answers calls as soon as you hold your phone to the ear. Additionally it can automatically transfer the call to the speaker when you move the phone away from your ear, or end a call by putting the phone face-down. The main features are: * Answer call by proximity * Action after going off-hook (incoming and outgoing calls) * Turn speaker on after going off-hook (only if phone away from ear) * Turn speaker on/off by proxmity * End call by turning the phone face-down or shaking * Go to home screen or stand-by after ending a call * Decrease ringer volume when phone gets moved (no false detections when shaked only) * Silence ringer by turning the phone face-down or shaking ProXimity Talk simply helps you to save unnecessary key presses: * Just look on the phone to see...
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Delayed Lock

ScreenShot of Delayed Lock by j4velin Not using any pattern-, PIN- or password-lock is a huge security problem, but reentering your PIN code a hundred times a day can also be annoying. 'Delayed Lock' is a solution to this problem: After unlocking your device, it will turn the lock screen off for a user defined amount of time. You can turn your phone off and on as often as you want without entering your password/PIN/pattern again. After a certain time, it will automatically reactivate your lockscreen, so no stranger can unlock your device and access your private data. Additionally, there is also an optional notification in the Android status bar and a widget to immediately reenable the lock screen, and free plugins to automatically keep the device unlocked while connected to a specific WiFi network / Bluetooth device or at certain...
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BlueMuze 1.4.7

ScreenShot of BlueMuze 1.4.7 by Lost Packet Software Send music & playlists over bluetooth directly from one phone to another, just like a mixtape. One of the "best new apps of the week" - Android Police (3/8/11) You don't have to be a fan of the movie High Fidelity to remember the 80s and 90s culture of making mixtapes for friends. Handwritten lists on the back of cassettes, CDs adorned with sharpie titles -- these things probably seem like distant memories in the digital age of MP3s, Pandora, iTunes and Amazon. But our desire to share the music that inspires us, that makes us laugh, that moves us, never left. It's just the technology that surrounds how we interact with music, that has changed so rapidly in recent years. BlueMuze aims to help bring back this ability. Transfer custom-made playlists, and the music files/MP3s that...
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Camera Master

ScreenShot of Camera Master by Crazy Appy Camera Master is your all-in-one photo-taking application. Developed exclusively on Windows Phone, Camera Master allows you a fully customizable camera app that can achieve several cool stuffs that your current default camera can't! 1) Take timed photo: You can set a timer for your phone, as it counts down you will be notified both by an audio cue and the phone's vibration. 2) Take continuous photos: Just set to continuous mode and your phone will periodically snap photos at your preferred interval. 3) Take discreet photos: The app allows you to turn off your view finder while shooting, a perfect way to snap a surprise pic of your friends! 4) Anti-Shaking only allows you to take photos when the camera thinks that it is stable enough to do so, there are 3 different types of sensitivity to try...
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Headache Diary

ScreenShot of Headache Diary by Therefour Phone 7 If you are a migraine sufferer like me you are probably tracking a lot of information about when you have headaches as well as the medications you are taking. Headache Diary lets you record information about the following items: Headaches (severity, symptoms, and triggers), Treatments (medications), and Triggers. The Trial version is full featured with the addition of being ad supported. Version 1.5: • Upgraded to Mango • Added edit buttons on the lists to indicate to the user they are editable • Added a delete button the edit pages • Moved the advertisement to the top for Free Trial version Version 1.4: • Add the option to include definitions of intensities with the exported data Version 1.3: • Add additional durations based on user feedback. Version 1.2: &bull...
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The Graveyard 1.031

ScreenShot of The Graveyard 1.031 by Tale of Tales Mobile version of the original indie title. “a pretentious, ineffective waste of the interactive medium” -Destructoid “a beautiful and moving aesthetic experience” -The Business Times “striking and thought-provoking” -Eurogamer “incredibly short and simple, but gorgeously rendered” -Joystiq “like stepping into an interactive film” -Mac|Life “Interactivity is a powerful thing. The Graveyard could have been a short film on YouTube and lost none of its presentational qualities, or its message. But the very limited interaction you have with the character -you can walk her forward and backward, or turn- instantly makes the connection deeper and more powerful than it would have been if you were simply watching.” -Wired Selected...
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Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1

ScreenShot of Blik Calendar Widget 2.6.1 by JoeProgrammer, Inc Why use a boring calendar widget that only has words when a cool picture can tell the story? Blik reads your calendar and automatically shows the best picture for each event that describes it without words. The picture is shown, along with the start time and an important word from the event so that you can see what's coming up on your calendar. You end up with a quick visual guide to your upcoming events. Your calendar has never been easier to "read". The free/trial version of Blik comes with 350+ pictures and 700+ keywords rules. The Pro version unlocks another 300+ keyword rules so that your calendar events are matched up to pictures even better. You can create your own keyword rules for single calendar events in the free/trial version and in the Pro version you can create your...
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Sleep Now! 2.0.5

ScreenShot of Sleep Now! 2.0.5 by mobitobi free TRIAL version avail The perfect nap/sleep app. The little brother of Gentle Alarm... ** Buyers within the European Union: 19% VAT will be add to the sales price ** - perfect for power naps, travel, sleep timer - silent alarm for work/school - app can detect when you sleep so you can fine-tune the length of sleep you want to get - 12 included sounds: white noise, heartbeat, beach,.. - use your own mp3s, playlists, ringtones - creates playlists on the fly for your favorite artist or genre - 3 phases: relax, sleep, wake up - customizable backgrounds You can easily program your own individual sleep program. Each program has up to three phases, relaxing, sleeping, and waking up. For each phase you can set your own music or use the built-in sounds, set fade-in/fade-out, duration, etc. The app...
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Bouncing ballz

ScreenShot of Bouncing ballz by Remiak Studio The ballz need to reach the basket in safety. Can you help them all? Sounds easy? Let's see how you will do it when you have springs, vortexes, would sticks, rotating objects and balls full of spikes in your levels. Aren't you tired of 20 seconds looping background music? We were tired too! That is why we included 2 soundtracks and many sound effects in our game. There are 32 levels included in the initial version which are actually teaser levels of the levels included in the next updates. We hope you will enjoy our game as much as we did creating it ! Trial users can only play 8 levels and trial version is supported by ads to make this game go viral. Purchasing the game will remove the level limitation and ads. Instruction : To add a new level object such as trampolines or metal plates tap...
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